vineri, 2 septembrie 2011


OK, summer's over. So what? Every season has it's beauty, so you'd better try finding autumn's beauty instead of complaining 'bout summer getting to an end. If we'd have summer all year long I bet you would get tired of it. Just imagine: a park, red and yellow leaves everywhere, the wind blowing and caring them around, autumn... Wouldn't you just love to walk around in a place like this?

Seasons come and go, like a popular song says; you can't stop it. That's why you should enjoy every day as it is and not spend your time wining about what you don't like. So what if the sun won't shine so bright anymore, so what if it gets a little cold, so what if the trees start to lose their leaves? It's how it should be. And you wouldn't like it any other way; you know it!

I have a vineyard in front of my house and these past few days there's a delightful smell in my front yard. I love grapes! And I can't wait for my dad and my grandpa to collect them and make wine. Aww, how could you not like autumn? I even like the rain that falls more often than usually this months. It's so nice and relaxing to stand in the rain and let it make you so wet you could catch a cold. Or to watch it from inside, to hear the raindrops falling everywhere and let your thoughts fly away. 
Rain makes me feel calm. ^_^
And it's so nice to see the raindrops in the light of the sun that comes out after the rain combined with the redish color of the threes. Not to mention the rainbows!...

So try to enjoy things like that, and let time follow it's path with no regrets, no hard feelings. Make every moment a special one regardless of the season, weather, place or time.

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